Innovation in Assembly (Yahoo Mail – PayPal)

This is the third blog  that will show pattern three Innovation  in Assembly. To explain this pattern I should give a brief summary of APIs as a preamble to the topic. What is API? API is Application Programming Interface which facilitates to programmers or developers to build their applications by dealing with predefined set of functions provided by the owner of the operating  system, instead of writing the function from scratch.  The two figures below show the meaning of APIs.


In terms of the internet by APIs the organizations such as Google,, eBay…etc motivate the developers to make new applications or enhance the existing applications to push the users of the internet to share and access data easily and efficiently.

This post will show a famous web application that Yahoo mail. It is a free email service, it has unlimited storage. More than 250 million users are with yahoo mail around the word. Yahoo offers 46 APIs, Yahoo Mail Application one of  APIs. This API encourages developers to create and enhance the using of Yahoo mail by building new applications to make the web applications efficient to use. There are some applications embedded in Yahoo mail, for instance, calendar, edit photo ( Picnik), My Drive (ZumoDrive),….etc. Moreover, yahoo pays commission for the developer of yahoo particularly Yahoo mail. The developers obtain $10.00 for each new sign up on Yahoo mail. In comparison between Yahoo mail and Gmail all of them has great features. However, Gmail is limited storage whereas Yahoo Mail unlimited storage.



One of the most fascinated application embedded in Yahoo mail which is created  by developers given Yahoo Mail Application  API that is PayPal. This application requests & sends money to friends  or family  securely with few clicks via yahoo mail inbox without having to visit PayPal site.  How PayPal works via Yahoo mail ? There is a format for sending and requesting money. With respect to requesting  the money just the requester types the email address or phone number of the payer and types the amount of money and few words as description of the request for sending the money. Then the request will be sent to inbox mail of the sender. After that the sender uses the same form to send the requested money by sending the method of payment (bank, credit card, or balance). Finally, the request is going to be forwarded to PayPal for confirmation then sending the dough to the requester.



Do you think Yahoo Mail will resist for long time opposite Gmail whereas Gmail users ascend fast? and why?


Reference list:






Yahoo Developer Network


  1. #1 by bloggingDave on 03/27/2011 - 1:12 PM

    Good idea to give a brief introduction to APIs first. And an example like yours makes it sometimes easier to understand things. Well done, Naif.

    What I was thinking about when reading your example is that, besides all the benefits, there are risk and privacy issues related to APIs as well. First, they make applications or platforms and the stored data accessible for third parties which might be exploited somehow. Secondly, users might not always be aware of these third parties accessing data they entrusted to the main application in the first place.

  2. #2 by empecee on 03/28/2011 - 12:16 PM


    This is one of the best descriptions about API’s ive read so far. Thanks for that.

    Dave raises some interesting points about user convieniences vs privacy concern awarness. I wonder if people are aware about others accessing thier information would they realy care. We seem to moving away from the “secrect squirrel society” of the last 20-30 years to a more lets bare all.

  3. #3 by muaathaljamah on 03/28/2011 - 11:26 PM

    I agree with Dave and Empecee that your example and description are greats!!!!
    Answering your question, I think Yahoo will resist for long especially in APIs services. The reason for this is as you mention that Yahoo offers 46 APIs and I have found in Yahoo developer network that Yahoo also has more than 45 APIs.

  4. #4 by Louay on 03/29/2011 - 6:38 AM

    Hello Naif,
    I like your example of yahoo Mail, at the moment I am using yahoo mail, however I have one question because I am not sure what I can do. How do I contact yahoo to report my mail being hacked? Because someone was using my email address, like send an email to my friends.

  5. #5 by Mohammed Alnaqaa on 03/29/2011 - 10:47 AM

    Hi Naif

    Great example and description of API. However, I am not a Yahoo user and I did not like the PayPal service in yahoo. The reason for that I think there will be no security when using Paypal in Yahoo because the fact that I have read the terms and condition and it says that the developer have the right to access his/her application. Also, I remember long time ago that Yahoo system has fall down due to Hackers attacks.

    thank you Naif

    • #6 by Naif Bindayel on 03/30/2011 - 9:41 AM

      Thank mate on your comment, but I am sorry when I say I do not agree with you regarding there is no security through using PayPal on Yahoo Mail because there is secure HTTP which will be shown like HTTPS that makes the connection from Yahoo Mail to PayPal secured and save from hacking.

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