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The fourth blog will demonstrate Rich User Experiences pattern in terms of web 2.0 applications. Before entering deeply in the application that will be expounded in the post, I should furnish the reader a tiny explanation about Rich User Experiences pattern. Simply Rich User Experiences is the transfer of using installed applications on desktop  to applications are used on the web browser and these web applications give the similar features of installed desktop applications. For example ( Photo Effects– desktop application vs. Fotoflexer– web application ).

Our web application this week is Photobucket. What is Photobucket ? Photobucket is a web application for uploading, downloading, sharing, linking and finding photos, videos and graphics. Host all images and videos for free, then share them by email or on social sites like Facebook. By getting a free Photobucket account thousands of photos and hours of video can be stored . Moreover, one of the main features after uploading photos is manipulating and editing photos easily and fast. Also the wonderful about photobucket does not have many menu options but the options included are effective when comparing with desktop applications. Photobucket has lots of features, for instance, the photos or video clips that uploaded on Photobucket are findable, Photobucket eases finding photos by using URLs to send them by email, IM, or links. In addition, it provides HTML code to facilitate to web designers to not type HTML picture code from zero. Furthermore, Photobucket’s users do not need to search for update because photobucket suggests updates in contrast desktop applications updating should be observed.

There are many web applications of photo editing. Here there is comparison between Photobucket and Fotoflexer. The most superb about Fotoflexer the users do not need to have an account to edit or modify photos just upload the picture manipulate it and email it. In contrast, Photobucket.

From my humble experience when I was using Photoshop desktop application not as a professional user merely to modify some pictures, I found photobucket web application much easier than Photoshop desktop application. Thus I reckon Photobucket will be number one application in hosting because Photobucket’s members are claimed to upload four million images daily via web, smartphones or connected digital cameras.  Still there is powerful competition between Flicker and Photobucket. Despite flicker is more famous than Photobucket but  Photobucket has more members than Flicker.

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  1. #1 by Anthony Deacon on 04/03/2011 - 5:45 PM

    Hi Naif,

    What advantages does Photobucket have over desktop photo applications other than sharing? What exactly has lead to it’s adoption of a wide user-base. Generally applications are successful if they are better than competitor offerings; you mentioned that Flicker was ‘more famous’ – has this impacted Photobucket’s services?

    Anthony Deacon

  2. #2 by Mindy747 on 04/04/2011 - 7:56 PM

    Hi Naif. I haven’t used Photobucket yet, but I have had experience using PhotoShop and it is not user friendly at all. It is a great tool if you have had training or experience in using it. I think Photobucket is great for everyday users because 1. it is free, and 2. it’s easier to use! I have a decent photo ‘touch up’ program on my computer right now, but in the future I might look at using a program such as Photobucket, but you are right – I think the advantage that the other site has is that you do not need to have an account. I already have enough user names and passwords to remember as it is!

  3. #3 by n6749755 on 04/06/2011 - 5:44 PM

    It seems a good web application, i would like to work in photo shop but i am not good at it because of it does have a lot of button in its menu which make it confusing, i think with this website i will be able edit my pictures.

  4. #4 by louayawad on 04/06/2011 - 11:41 PM

    Hi Naif,
    it is good post mate!!! I have just sign in and I am going to use it. however, I am not sure how if I want to leave a picture comment for my family or friends?? Also Can I make combination between two services for example, Photobucket and Fotoflexer?? on the other word, If I would like to edit my image by using Fotoflexer services.

  5. #5 by Jeremy C on 04/08/2011 - 9:10 AM

    One thing I really HATE about photobucket is the bandwidth limit they place upon your images!!

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