Harnessing collective intelligence – Picasa Web Albums (PWA)

Leave web 1.0 and start with web 2.0. This sentence is the future of the internet shows the new life of the internet. Web 2.0 depends on applications that can be used by the Internet users on the web. There are thousands of web 2.0 applications people don’t know at present. You may do the research to find out what web 2.0 applications suits you, depending on your area of study major, occupation or lifestyle. Moreover, many applications are under multiple categories such as: social- Facebook, video- YouTube, blog- Google blog, communication- Skype…etc.

This new blog will briefly demonstrate Picasa Web Albums (PWA). Picasa one of Google products, is a photo editing application. By Picasa the users can easily edit, and share their photos. Additionally, Picasa’s users obtain 1GB free hosting from Google to upload the images to be seen by friends and family. Therefore, this web application has user participation for explicit and implicit.

There are many web 2.0 applications which are used to edit, share and upload images on the web. For instance,  Photobucket web 2.0 application. In the comparison between Picasa and Photobucket web 2.0 applications I found out, after trying both, that Photobucket is more efficient and easy to use. Furthermore, Photobucket has a lot of editing options that allow the user to edit the images without referring to installed computer software. In contrast Picasa has very limited editing choices. Thus Picasa fails to be a user friendly web application due to its limited options for people using it. People expect more from Google more so when this application comes face to face with other such applications from the same family

After web 2.0 was being invented there are some issues changed when comparing with web 1.0. For example privacy, legal and ethical issues. In terms of Picasa the privacy issue come in when your images start to get posted anywhere online using Picasa software. However, google has done some privacy setting to allow just listed people to see the images that uploaded.

Picasa Web Album needs more development to meet the needs of user and to compete with other web 2.0 applications professionally. For example, Picasa’s developers should facilitate emergence by enhancing Picasa to be efficient and competitive,  when confronted with other web 2.0 applications like Photobucket or flicker. Moreover, they should also add social follow buttons.







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